About Waikiki Aloe

Waikiki Aloe opened its first location on October 19, 1980, and for the past 32 years we have been providing the finest water-based Aloe Vera skin care products to consumers. We have brought a whole new dimension to tanning without burning with our oil-free GRAB A TAN and SAVE A TAN products.

During these many years, we have operated at various locations in Waikiki, and in Lahaina on the island of Maui. We closed our Whaler’s Village store in Lahaina a few years ago, and have offered our products to our Maui customers by taking phone orders and mailing the products (postage free) to their hotels.

Since 1995, we have enjoyed a very visible Kalakaua location next door to Prada, in the heart of the “high rent district” of Waikiki. At that location, we have endured several massive rent increases, the fallout from the events of 9/11, a major U.S. recession, and the devastating Japanese Tsunami.

Even with those events, Waikiki still continues to be attractive to international retailers who will pay almost any price for the opportunity to have the visibility of a store on Kalakaua Avenue. As a result, retailers like Waikiki Aloe continue to disappear from the Waikiki landscape, as landlords enjoy the deep pockets of those international brands. Most of Kalakaua Avenue now sports names like Tiffany’s, Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, etc.

Anticipating another rent increase in 18 months, we at Waikiki Aloe took an introspective look and realized that we needed to redefine ourselves. We have now sub-leased our retail space to another entity, and have decided to change from being a retailer with a visible and expensive storefront, to concentrate on being a wholesale supplier to other stores throughout Hawaii, as well as continuing to be a full–service mail order company to anywhere in the world. Our mail order division is fast and efficient. Orders leave within 24 hours, and are delivered 3-5 days later by priority mail. Foreign orders are sent via airmail, and usually arrive within 10 days.

As we add Hawaii retailers to our wholesale division, we will post the store names on this website, so that you will know where to find our products while visiting here. Of course, we are only a phone call or email away, should those stores not be carrying all the products that you want. We will send or deliver them to your hotel.

If you are visiting Waikiki in the immediate future, we still own Cold Stone Creamery next door, and Waikiki Aloe’s offices and warehouse are still located upstairs in the same building. Call us or stop by Cold Stone to pick up your products, or we will gladly deliver them to your hotel.

As a member of the Hawaii Pacific Export Council for many years, we have done limited export in the past. By eliminating the high rent of our retail store, I will be able to concentrate both time and funds on new product development and expanding our export horizons as well as exploring the hotel amenities market. You just may find Waikiki Aloe products in your hotel room the next time you visit Hawaii!

We will greatly appreciate your patience during this time of transition. We know that you will find this website much more user-friendly, and easier to use. Should you have any question or comments, do not hesitate to contact us.

Warmest regards and sincerest Aloha,
Valerie Lamoureux, President